Monday, 11 October 2010

Not Quite A Blonde...

Probably not the most auspicious of titles for an aspiring writer.  Let's just say it's more to do with the colour of my hair than a tendency towards dizziness.  Well... for the moment anyway... the six shades of gold and copper are slowly being joined by... <ahem> let's call it white gold and leave it at that.

Now that we've got that little issue (for me anyway) out of the way, I should perhaps say a little about myself and why I've started a Blog.

It seems that anyone who is anyone, and even those who are no-one, are Blogging.  So, why can't this No-one of Any Consequence write one too?

It's been on my mind for a while and I've read a few Blog entries and immediately felt inadequate.  I couldn't possibly have anything of interest that anyone who is anyone and even those who are no-one would want to read.  Besides, if I had anything to say that was worthy of announcing to the world at large would I be able to impart that knowledge in an engaging manner to keep my reader (one of... maybe...) reading?

It's all in the execution - a cleverness with words.  As an aspiring writer, words should be my thing.  Not so.  Writing is incredibly hard.  Many people have read books and thought Pah! I can do that.  If only...  I learnt the lesson the hard way.

I'm very much a day dreamer and spent much of my time creating adventures in my head where they lingered for a while and then would eventually be forgotten.  Day dreaming, I discovered from reading Dorothea Brande's "Becoming a Writer", can be a powerful tool for a writer.  This revelation made me feel a little better about my writing ambitions and the fact that they only surfaced at the age of 17 and not from the moment I could hold a pencil.  Day dreaming, however, has been with me for as long as I can remember.  Perhaps now is the time to put that imagination to work.


  1. I'm reading! (First follower too :D) Great start off post - I like your writing style. Very witty!

    Wow - you knew from the age of 17 that you wanted to write! I only discovered it four years ago! I'm 37 tomorrow!

    Keep blogging, it's great actually - gets quite addictive (which reminds me I haven't written a blog for a week!).

    And as a writer, we're allowed to daydream. Like that I have been doing that a long time ;-)

    Good luck with your writing.

  2. Thanks for being my first follower, Teresa! Still finding my way around this blogging malarky and have added you to the list of Blogs I want to follow. Yes, 17, a young and naive age. I knew I wanted to write but only dabbled on and off. It took until 10 years ago when my youngest was born to take the writing more seriously.

    Good luck with your writing too. :o)

  3. Hi Alexandra, a big wave from a fellow blonde -trust me dizzy days aplenty here;-) and fellow day dreamer.
    Though lately it's not daydreaming, but falling asleep and waking up with plot lines that haunt me. If only I had more time to write them all down..

  4. LOL Doris, I so know what you mean about falling asleep! Twice yesterday for me (but I do have a cold) and only managed to write about ten words. If only we could plug our brains directly into the laptop!

  5. I, too, have known since I was in school that I wanted to write. I had books of not always awful poetry full of teenaged rage and angst.

    My kids are teenagers now and they need rides more than hand holding. It just seemed the time to pursue writing. I don't want to regret not having tried.

  6. Good for you! Blogging is great fun. I think it's a massive temptation for a writer - you get to instantly publish, and you get instant feedback as well!! I started blogging in 2005. The blog I wrote then was about the town I was living in at the time. It really gave me confidence with my writing, and I even got some paid work with the local paper as a result. So go for it, I'm all for blogging!

  7. I found you over at Teresa Morgan's blog! Glad I did to, your profile picture is gorgeous, what a beautiful flower, and I was immediately drawn to the blog title (good work!)

    So I guess what I'm saying is... I'm a new follower!! Woohoo! *waves* Nice to meet you!

    As for blogging, I started in January, feeling inadequate about what I was accomplishing, what I was writing, I decided to take the leap of faith (after watching Julie & Julia) it is the best thing I've ever done!

    The community is so intiving and carefree! With each follower and interest in my blog it lights up my day! I've written two novels and working on a third, all thanks to the support this community leaves behind! I hope you plan to stick around!

  8. Hello Jen, glad you found me. :o) *waves back*

    As you can see I'm very new to this blogging lark and like you I hope it will give me some confidence in my writing and putting it out there publicly.

    I took a cyber trip over to your Blog - wow, for someone who's only just started blogging you've got a huge following - fantastic!

    I plan to be around for a while. Thank you for the compliment on my profile pic - it is one of my own photographs (my other hobby).

    Thanks for dropping by and good luck with the novels.